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a congregation of the Church of Scotland







24-7 Worship


Sunday is merely the focal point for the praise which we bring to the Lord.

Our aim is to take worship onto the streets of our daily lives and make our living a vibrant all-day, 7-day-a-week act of worship.


Greetings at Front Door

Sunday    Worship

Greetings at Front Door

Sunday 18th October

Make yourself at home

There are  services of worship every Sunday of the year.

The songs and hymns comprise a balanced diet of traditional and more contemporary songs - which probably means there are some that you'll quite like and others that .. well, others!   But, hey, see it as a challenge and learn to enjoy them anyway!

After each service there's the chance to chat, chill or just chew on the cud in the hall below - with refreshments available.

If you have difficulty getting upstairs, then there is a service relayed on a large TV in the comfortable Chapel, just on the left as you come in.

11.00 am

If you want a good seat come early - it's usually pretty full!  (Actually you're best to come late because the comfiest seats with most leg room are down at the front and in good Scottish style they're generally the last seats to be taken!)

Everyone is catered for!  There's a crèche available for the under 3's, and the needs of children and young people, too, are met. 

Most Sundays we break after maybe 20/25 minutes or so of the service, with the children and young people dispersing to Sunday Club downstairs as we all try and get our heads round the exciting, challenging and sometimes rather scary truths the Bible sets before us in a way appropriate to our age and stage.

But some Sundays adults and children stick under the one roof and share the whole thing together.


Celebrating Communion

Near to the last Sunday in January, June, and October, and on Easter Day, the sacrament of communion is celebrated.  Communion may also be celebrated in one of our partner churches in the City Centre Grouping.






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